Dam: Ch Lyonzred Schnaps-Barracuda IMP NZL ("Cuda")

Sire: Sup Ch Glamourford Mercury Man ("Herbie")

Ch Glamourford Falcon Unreal

Ch Glamourford Falcon Unreal


The new kids on the block, Kado (Chilli's brother) entered his new home on his owners birthday and hence the name Kado which means 'Gift' in Dutch & Persian languages. He loves getting up to mischief and 'help' his mum with gardening. She does all the planting and he digs them out. He calls it team work.

Kado is a sociable boy and enjoying the show ring, water rescue, drafting and aiming to add pet therapy to the list in the near future. He is also a blood donor, special boy all round!



Ch Glamourford Falcon Hotstuff

Ch Glamourford Falcon Hotstuff


Chilli lives with my Aunty in country Victoria along with her Golden Retriever housemates, cats, horses, sheep etc.

She has already made quite an impact in the show ring, following in her parents footsteps.


Glamourford Falcon So Special

Glamourford Falcon So Special


Grace is also sometimes known as disGrace. In the nicest possible way of course!

DisGrace has a liking for couches, walls, shoes...you name it. We picked the best of homes for her, a family who love her to bits very much no matter what! 


Glamourford Falcon Oath

Glamourford Falcon Oath


A second Glamourford Leonberger for the 'White' family in Western Australia. 

Luna gets to spend some days with her daddy at work, have play dates with the families other dogs and enjoy trips to the beach, markets etc. Like her Aunty Belle, she's a social butterfly.