The Leonberger originated in a town called 'Leonberg' in Germany and was claimed to have been created by a mix of the Newfoundland, Saint Bernard and Great Pyrenees.

Leonbergers are known to have been bred to resemble the lion. They are a large, strong and muscular dog, with an unusual feature of webbed feet! Making them great swimmers, so much so that some countries have used them in water rescue. 

Along with this, comes their love of water - wet paws, wet dripping mouths, muddy paws, muddy floors....getting the idea? This is what life with a Leonberger is about!

And not to be forgotten, the tumble weeds under the couch and your personal ear and face cleaner....Leo's are not always a breed for everyone.  


Ok, so you're STILL THINKING a Leonberger may be a breed for you....what are the next steps?

  • For general information on the breed, have a read over the International Leonberger Union website: http://www.leonbergerunion.com/index2.htm

  • Contact breeders, there is some great information on ‘selecting a breeder’ on The Leonberger Club, New Zealand website: http://leonberger.org.nz/wordpress/?page_id=65

  • Take time to find those breeders you are comfortable with and feel will provide you with lifetime support and assistance. Ask the breeder why they are breeding their leo/s and what they would like to achieve overall and for that particular mating. Consider things like how many litters their dogs have had each, what ages they were when they had them and what are they keeping to breed on with. Arrange to meet the breeder/s and their Leonbergers to get to know them both more. Ask questions, there is never a ‘dumb’ question when it comes to selecting your new family member!

  • Ensure the breeder/s you have spoken to are registered with the ANKC - Australian National Kennel Council. These breeders should also be able to provide you with registration papers of your pup, even if Limited Registration (a pet - not for breeding/showing) you should still receive these papers.

  • Confirm that the breeding pair for planned litters have been health tested. Ask to sight the health tests (hips/eyes/elbows/LPN 1&2, LEMP) and the ANKC Pedigree Papers. You can also look them up on the database which most breeders are willing to submit their information to. http://www.leonberger-database.com/

Note: Eye certificates should be current (within 12mths) of each mating.

  • Arrange to meet both the dam and sire before you commit to purchasing a puppy as the temperaments of a dog are inherited from BOTH parents.

  • Whilst we do not have a Leonberger Club in Victoria, some breeders may be members of ‘The Leonberger Club, New Zealand’ and abide by their breeding recommendations which can be found here: http://leonberger.org.nz/wordpress/?page_id=65

 Information overload??

"I just want a pet" you say?

Even if all health tests have been followed no breeder can guarantee a perfect puppy...however by breeding to the recommendations it eliminates chances of issues giving your puppy best possible chance of a healthy life.

  • Ask breeders about contract of sales. Don’t let this alarm you, this is to benefit both you, your puppy and the breeder. A breeder should be willing to send you a copy of their contract prior to committing to the purchase of a pup.

  • Consider diet, ask breeders what they feed, recommend and what information will be provided to you prior to purchasing your puppy. Work out the approx. costs to budget for when you bring your puppy home.

  • Look at what grooming tools you may require. Leonbergers moult throughout the year and have two big coat drops, I’m talking shopping bags full! As Leos love water, sand, mud and all of the above, a blowdryer is definitely something to add to the wish list!

  • The price of puppies with most breeders in Australia & New Zealand (as at Nov 2017) varies between $2500-$3200. I believe now (as at July 2019) there has been an increase to $3400+. The sale price of a pup does not determine the quality or health.

Health testing...

  • Hips & Elbows - ideally the lowest score possible, being 0:0. There are two ways of scoring hips, "AVA" and "Pennhip".

At Glamourford we are currently using both AVA and Pennhip methods for hip scoring.

  • Dogs bred should have a clear and current eye certificate (within 12 months).

  • Leonberger Polyneuropathy is a DNA test, referred to as LPN1&LPN2. An LPN1 Carrier (D/N) can be bred however it must be bred to a clear (N/N) dog. It has been recommended that LPN2 carriers (D/N) are not bred from.

  • LEMP stands for Leukoencephalomyelopathy. It is a neurological illness and carriers can be identified by a simple DNA test like LPN Testing.

You can also view videos on what LPN and LEMP can do to our dogs if affected on youtube, but I do warn you to have the tissues on hand as it is quite awful!

For more information on LPN and LEMP, please refer to: 




Things to consider before going on a waiting list with us:

  • Prepare for a 2+ year wait for a pup (sometimes more, sometimes less)

  • If purchasing a puppy from us, we ask that you stay in touch regularly in the first few years and then at minimal an annual birthday photo and an update. We like to track progress of dogs we have bred and also continue to provide any support required to their owners.

  • We do not inform families of whether there is a puppy available until pups are 3-4 weeks of age. At that time only, we will then ask for a deposit to be paid with the balance due before pups leave at 8-10 weeks.

  • We do not allow visitors until pups and mum are settled, usually around the 4-6 week mark, each litter can vary. Visitors will be under strict instructions to come freshly clothed and straight from home. The parvo virus and other viruses can be carried via clothes, shoes, environments etc and could cause harm to such young and unvaccinated puppies.

  • Our pups are well socialised with people including children (family, friends & admirers) and our own dogs and cat before they leave and are watched around the clock until they leave for their new homes. Bedding, toys and newspaper fully mopped and washed once to twice daily etc to avoid any nasty bacteria.

If you’d like to express your interest in a puppy with us, please complete our expression of interest form which can be found on our website. 

Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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